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  • High quality snack and drink vending.
  • Pepsi, Coke, Hershey, Mars, Little Debbie and Frito Lay chips.
  • Nice vendors.
  • Great commissions to our customers.
  • Healthy choices are available.
  • We are also now South Texas Canteen. This means we are associated with a nationwide network of vending companies. Canteen does business in 48 states. This means we can help you get service at many more locations than our  competition. We are committed to  Canteen and their parent company Compass Group’s  Code of Business Ethics. This ensures at high level of customer service,ethical business conduct and community involvement.


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1401 S. Padre Island Dr.
Corpus Christi, Texas 78416

Phone: 361-853-0123
Fax: 361-853-5327